Can Yoga Be A Cure For Rising Crime Rates?

Crime and yoga are rarely used in the same phrase, which is one of the reasons they are united in this article. When one thinks of a prototypical criminal, one does not immediately think of someone who practices Yoga. Criminals are portrayed as angry, or at the very least quite active, whereas Yogis are seen as peaceful and inactive. Indeed, the two are so dissimilar that it’s difficult to imagine someone who regularly attends Yoga courses becoming a criminal. Perhaps yoga should be made mandatory in order to combat crime? This is why:

Yoga courses begin with a simple standing exercise. Breathe. You may spend a good portion of a Yoga session focussing on the simple process of taking a deep breath, inhaling it fully and completely, and then exhaling it just as thoroughly and completely. Concentrating on our breathing has an unmatched power to focus our mental concentration. It enables us to purge ourselves of undesired or unsettling thoughts and reestablish a central balance.

The soothing and focusing effects of a Yoga breathing exercise can swiftly and simply eliminate the types of distractions and temptations that can lead to committing a criminal act, at least an impulsive one. Consider the impact on chronic criminals if they had the ability to pause before committing a crime, focus their thoughts, and see that it was not the best course of action and should be avoided.

The majority of domestic violence occurs as a direct result of an excessive amount of stress and tension in a relationship. According to statistics, the fights that result in domestic violence are virtually often about ‘trivial matters.’ The final straw being a trivial matter rather than a significant one. Allow us to introduce the capacity for self-control, mental acuity, and rationalization into that circumstance. Domestic violence occurs as a result of someone being’snapped.’ Eliminating mental clutter and calming oneself would imply that people would never reach that degree.

Other types of violent crime are comparable to domestic violence in that they occur when stress builds to the point that one person snaps and throws a punch or draws a knife. With the appropriate self-calming tools, these criminals would be significantly less likely to commit an offense.

Of course, all of this assumes that the criminal does not want to commit a crime and is only motivated to do so by a lack of alternatives when a particular combination of circumstances presents itself. They are hungry and can accept a loaf of bread to satisfy their need, or they are threatened, unappreciated, or mistreated and consider striking out as their only alternative. Yoga would be detrimental to the type of calculating mind that makes a profession out of criminal activity, as each crime is meticulously planned.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it?
While most people are aware of the physical benefits of yoga and have heard of its mental and spiritual benefits, few are aware that the exercises that comprise its foundation are only the Western World’s perception of yoga. Historically, Indian Yoga encompassed a comprehensive philosophy of how we should respect one another and live our lives. If criminals also practiced this aspect of Yoga, it would be feasible to eradicate crime. One can only fantasize.

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