Choosing the Greatest Natural Hookah Charcoal

One of the most underrated parts of hookah use is the coals. Simply preheat the shisha and serve it is all they do, right? As if the quality of the coals you use matters. Truth be told, the hookah coals you select to utilize are the most crucial part of your hookah setup, even more so than the type/flavor of shisha you are smoking and making sure your hookah is correctly sealed and set up.

Quick lite charcoal is the go-to for beginners because of how simple it is to use. Quick-lighting coals may get going more quickly, but natural charcoals still reign supreme for all other uses. In this article, we’ll discuss the several kinds of natural hookah charcoal that we carry and explain why each one is the best.

Our Most Popular Natural Charcoal Selection for Hookah Use

To pick out the best charcoal for your hookah smoking requirements, we suggest going with these options:

Lump Charcoal: This charcoal comes in several flavors. It is readily available in Black, Blue, and White. It is typically made out of charcoal dust that has been pressed into a lump. This charcoal is generally used to light up tobacco for a quick puff or for a longer-burning shisha. However, you can use lump charcoal in all hookahs for some time. It is a more affordable option.

Pine Wood Charcoal: Pine wood charcoal is perhaps the ideal natural hookah charcoal for beginners and intermediate-level hookah smokers. It is a good all-around option and is very easy to use. Pine charcoal is generally used in hookahs because it burns steadily and smoothly. The aroma of pine helps clear the room, making it a good choice for hookah parties or places with a non-smoking atmosphere.

Charcoal Briquettes: Charcoal Briquettes are the next most popular option for charcoal use. They are ideal for hookah charcoal because they’re durable and sturdy, yet lighter and simpler to maneuver around. Briquettes come in multiple flavors and are available in different sizes. It is very easy to light up briquettes. They burn slowly, giving you plenty of time to smoke and relax.

What Makes Natural Charcoal Different?

Coconut shells are used to create the natural charcoal that is used today. Specifically, it is a form of charcoal produced by burning coconut husks. After that, the coconut husks go through a high-temperature burning process in a furnace. Instead of using wood charcoal or briquettes, which are both modern innovations, you can create charcoal in the old-fashioned and environmentally friendly manner. As a result of having less carbon than the other varieties, it also produces extremely little carbon monoxide. The fact that it is not as common as some other varieties could account for your unfamiliarity with it. However, if you are a hookah user and are looking for a healthier alternative, this is the best option for you.

What Kind of Charcoal Should You Buy?

Charcoal briquettes are highly recommended as the most effective charcoal for hookahs.

Charcoal briquettes simplify the lighting and use of the fuel. Because they are not perishable, soaking them in water is unnecessary. Briquettes can be utilized in a variety of applications and are portable and easy to transport.

If you’re looking for charcoal, we suggest coconut shell briquettes. Made entirely of coconut shell, these candles are both beautiful and practical. It’s convenient to keep them around, and they have multiple uses. You can also contact charcoal briquettes manufacturers to make it easier for you to get the finest product on the market.

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