How to Select the Best Gardening Tools

If you plan to take your gardening seriously and spend time in your garden every day, you’ll need the right tools to help you along the way. As tempting as it may be, it is better to spend some time thinking about what kind of tools you need rather than just buying what you see at the store. You’ll be better off if you buy a gardening-specific style.

Your local gardening or home improvement store has most of the tools you’ll need. Most of the time, the staff will be more than happy to assist you in your search for the ideal equipment. If you go to a gardening shop, you’ll usually get some advice in addition to the service you’ll receive. My gardening knowledge is largely due to the advice I received from employees at gardening supply stores.

Searching online for the supplies you require may be an option if the tools you need are difficult to locate or if you simply want to save money. You’ll have to pay shipping costs and wait a few extra days, but if you buy more than one tool, the total savings will often outweigh the inconvenience. You should, however, always buy from a reputable seller and do some research before you buy to see if anyone else has had a bad experience with the seller.

You may not need any additional digging equipment beyond what you already have. There are a number of different kinds to choose from, depending on what you intend to use them for. Digging holes for plants is made easier with a shovel with a round point. For the more difficult tasks, you’ll need a spade. In my tool shed, I have a garden fork that I’ve been grateful for on numerous occasions. Having a variety of digging tools will help you to reduce the amount of time and effort you have to put in. If you try to dig a big hole with a small spade for example you’ll get pretty tired very quickly. If you’re using a shovel that’s too big and clumsy for the task at hand, the same holds true.

A rake is a must-have for any gardener. A lawn rake, I’m assuming. A garden rake, I’m sure you already have. Trying to use a lawn rake in the garden will yield disappointing results because they are completely unsuited to each other. For the same reason, you can’t go wrong with either of these tools. A bowhead rake is what you’re looking for. These are the best for gardening, according to my experience. So you don’t accidentally rip up your precious plants, they will give you the most control and precision.

I don’t think any gardener should be without at least three hoes. As a result of the abundance of options available, I’m not going to limit myself to just one recommendation. The onion hoe is my go-to tool because it’s small, lightweight, and perfect for weeding in small plots. It’s a bit larger and has a pointed end, called the Warren hoe. This is the tool you want if you need to dig a hole or get rid of a pesky weed. There are a slew of other options, but these are a good place to start. As your knowledge of gardening grows, you’ll discover that you’ll need more types of plants.

Gardening, according to most people, is all about using a spade. However, there are a plethora of other tools that you will use throughout your career in the garden. Most of the time you can get by with a few different tools, but you’ll always find that you can use more for specific situations. Identifying when one tool is more efficient than another is all that is required.

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