Many Different Kinds of Meditation

You don’t need any special techniques, postures, or breathing patterns to meditate. You can meditate anywhere, at any time, and during any activity once you’ve mastered the technique. If you continue reading about my sand meditation, you may experience this altered state of consciousness yourself.

Meditation can open a door to the mysteries of creation on rare occasions. We don’t know what awaits us on the other side of this door if we open it. Make no mistake about it: Even if you have tried meditation in the past and were unsuccessful, don’t give up. As a spiritual discipline, meditation can be difficult to master because of the inherent mysticism involved.

My journey into enlightenment began on the shores of a beach. My hands had a sand-colored appearance. A single grain of sand remained after I pressed my thumb and forefinger together and felt the grains of sand between them evaporate. I could clearly discern the shape of the sand grain as I slid it back and forth between my thumb and fingers.

After a while, I became acutely aware of each individual sand grain as I rolled it around in my hands. The grain of sand appeared to grow in size as I became more familiar with it. Despite the fact that I could feel the grain of sand between my thumb and finger, it appeared to be growing in size as I pondered its existence.

The grain of sand grew larger and larger, engulfing the beach and eventually the entire planet. My thumb and forefinger held the sand grain in place as I rolled it through my fingerprints. The grain of sand had grown to infinite proportions in a matter of seconds.

All of creation was contained within the tiniest particle of sand, just like I was contained within the smallest particle of sand. Through the grain of sand, I became aware of my infinite connection to the rest of the universe; I communed with the grain of sand in this way.

Eternity whispered to me in the sand. Stories about the infinite expanse of the universe were passed down to me by this book. Every single particle of creation is alive and active in its own right, and I learned this from the humblest of particles, a grain of sand:

Consistently, my sand-meditation sessions have left me feeling in a blissful state. It was a meditative experience that transcended time and space, encompassing all of existence. I came back to this meditation from time to time, mesmerized by the knowledge and wisdom contained within a single sand grain.

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