Keeping Your Garden Free of Pests

There are few tasks more dreadful than going outside to check on your plants. Just a few hours earlier, all of the plants in your garden appeared to be healthy. Garden pests may be to blame for some of the plant-eating holes. Garden pests include snails, beetles, and aphids. It is very important that you […]

How to Build a Raised Bed

Gardeners know all too well the frustration of a yard that won’t cooperate. Some plants are able to withstand the excess water that results when the soil is inadequately drained. They could even produce more flowers as a result. Others, on the other hand, will die a slow, agonizing death if they aren’t shielded. All […]

Growth in Microclimates

There are a lot of gardeners that live in desert areas. If you plant the seeds and water them, you’ll get a beautiful plant in a few weeks. There is no doubt about that, even in places like Colorado, where plant diversity is severely restricted. In adverse environments, it might be difficult to grow a […]

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